History timeline

Three new strategic focus areas, science entrepreneurship, school leadership and law scholarships, were endorsed by the Board.
2016  The Menzies Square redevelopment opened in Jeparit with the support of a $35,000 grant from the Foundation.
The Foundation launched the Menzies Alumni Community Leadership grants.
Entered partnership with Ormond College to deliver the FMTS for students attending Melbourne University.
Entered partnership with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition Schools to offer the Sir Robert Menzies Indigenous Mentoring Fellowship.
2015  The Menzies Health Institute Queensland opened in April.
The Foundation became a national sponsor of the National History Challenge following an approach from Senator Ryan of the Turnbull Government.
2014  In partnership with the Fielding Foundation, the Foundation opened the Fielding Menzies Tertiary Scholarships secondary schools in the Hindmarsh Shire, Victoria, to support students who were unlikely to continue tertiary study due to economic hardship.
The Menzies Health Institute Queensland was established in partnership with Griffith University, Queensland. This was the fourth research institute established by the Foundation.
2013  The Foundation took over the UK law and engineering scholarships from the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust UK. The UK Trust ceased to exist as at 31 December 2012.
The Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies Scholarship in International Law was established in honour of Sir Ninian Stephen's work as Chairman of the Foundation from 1992 to 1998.
2009  The Handbook for Allied Health Researchers was published.
2007  The Foundation launched its Allied Health Science Grants to assist Menzies allied health scholars with research in the early stages of their careers.
2006  The Foundation established the Menzies Centre for Health Policy to conduct research activities and programs relating to health systems. Annual funding of various amounts continued for 10 years.
2003  The Menzies Virtual Museum website was launched as an educational resource that documents the life and achievements of Sir Robert Menzies.
1999  In association with the Foundation, the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies offered a Menzies Foundation Fellowship for work on an Australian subject fitting the Centre's current research interests. The Fellowship was for a tenured scholar on secondment for four to six months at the Menzies Centre in London, and continued until 2009.
1994  The Menzies Centenary Prize was initiated by the Foundation in association with the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College to mark the centenary of Sir Robert Menzies’ birth in Jeparit. The prize is for tertiary study and is currently $10,000 per year.
1993  The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust UK established and awarded an Earth Sciences scholarship, tenable in the UK.
1992  The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust UK established and awarded the first Engineering scholarship tenable in the UK. The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation was significantly involved in the selection process in Australia. The scholarship ceased in 2017.
1991  The Sir Robert Menzies Oration on Higher Education was established in partnership with Melbourne University. In 1967 Sir Robert Menzies was invested as Chancellor of the University of Melbourne for the first of three consecutive terms. The Oration was developed in recognition of Sir Robert’s vision for strengthening the role of higher education. The Oration continues on an annual basis.
1988  The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust (Aust) and the Sir Robert Menzies National Foundation for Health Fitness and Physical Achievement amalgamated to become the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation Limited.
The Centre for Population Health Research (now the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania) officially opened in Hobart as a result of the first national conference, where the need for epidemiological research on disease prevention, particularly in Tasmania, was identified. Annual funding of various amounts continued until 2017.
The Menzies Foundation took over funding responsibility from the Australian Government for the Australian Study Centre in the UK, and renamed the centre the Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies. The Foundation provided $250,000 annually. This commitment was initially for five years and was indexed from 1987. The financial commitment continued until 1995.
The first scholarship in Allied Health Sciences was awarded for PhD study at an Australian university to encourage and support research in Australia in the fields of health, fitness and physical achievement. This scholarship was awarded annually until 2016.
The Menzies Memorial Scholars Association was formed. The association continues today, now known as the Menzies Alumni.
1984  Originally raised as an idea at a Menzies National Conference, Australia’s first Indigenous health and medical research institute, the Menzies School of Health Research, was officially opened in Darwin with support from the Foundation. Annual funding of various amounts continued until 2017.

1982 – The post graduate Menzies Scholarship to Harvard University is supported by the Menzies Foundation in partnership with the Harvard Club. This scholarship continued until 2016.
1981  The Menzies Foundation provided a three-year grant to the Australian Institute of Sport. Between 1981-1984, the Foundation provided 28 annual grants for training at the Institute. The Foundation also provided financial support for a ‘Sport, Science and Medicine’ quarterly publication.
1980  The restoration of Clarendon Terrace commenced in return for a 45-year peppercorn lease from the National Trust Australia (Victoria).
The first National Conference was held to identify new health problems and promote research that would achieve 'the greatest good for the greatest number' of Australians. Between 1980 and 1989, 17 additional workshops were held on topics identified at the National Conference.
1979  The Fraser government committed $2 million plus matched donations dollar for dollar. At the close of the public appeal, $6.2 million was raised by the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust. The funds were invested and the income used to support various initiatives including national and international scholarships for high performing Australians, grants to health and medical research and funds to support a range of legacy initiatives.
The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust UK was established as a separate entity with funds from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This Trust commenced administering law and medicine post-graduate scholarships for Australians, tenable in the UK. The first law scholarships were awarded in 1982, and the first medicine scholarships were awarded in 1983.
1978  Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust Australia was established and the Memorandum of Association was adopted.